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WORKSHOP "The Evaluation of Policies at a Local Level: an outstanding issue for social innovation"

3th of july                                                                                                               CATALAN


With the support of:

presentation of the workshop and its objectives


Ivàlua (www.ivalua.cat) is a public consortium whose mission is to promote the evaluation of public policies and social programmes in Catalonia. The consortium is formed by the regional and local administrations and Catalan universities and social agents.


Ivàlua promotes evaluation as a dynamic process aimed at generating evidence related to the effectiveness of public policies and social programmes that can serve as a base for innovation and ongoing improvement.


The current economic crisis and the unprecedented pressure that this crisis has put public resources and the third sector under have created a need for an in-depth reassessment of the objectives and ways of social intervention. Within this context, local entities have witnessed drastic reductions in the transfers of economic resources from supra-municipal bodies and they have also seen a notable drop in the revenue that they generate themselves. While some view this situation with a certain degree of pessimism, others believe that this is the perfect moment to reassess the role of local entities as agents for the promotion of evidenced-based innovation within the public and social sectors.


Municipal entities implement a large number of programmes that are characterized by their proximity to citizens. Even though many of these programmes have been evaluated by focussing on their implementation or the quality of the services involved, this does not mean that there is no need to evaluate their effectiveness from a local level. This simply implies that barriers such as a lack of time, budget or expertise have prevented these programmes from being rigorously evaluated up to now. In essence, there is a need to rethink the way that these obstacles can be overcome in order to make sure that the design and evaluation of evidence-based policies can take root at a local level.


The aim of this Workshop is to provide a space where the evaluation of local-level public policies can be discussed and reflected upon. More specifically, the Workshop seeks to:


  • Set out the initiatives on evaluation that exist at a local level in Catalonia;
  • Outline the main challenges that town and city councils face if they wish to evaluate their own programmes;

Present instruments that can be easily adopted by any local entity that wishes to evaluate its own programmes – such as designing evidence-based programmes and improving the availability of information.és un consorci públic que té per missió la promoció de l’avaluació de polítiques públiques i de programes socials a Catalunya. Formen part del consorci les administracions autonòmica i local, les universitats catalanes i els agents socials.  

organization and TARGET PUBLIC

The Workshop is being organized by the Catalan Institute for the Evaluation of Public Policies (Ivàlua) with the support of “la Caixa” Foundation (Obra Social).

It is aimed at participants from the regional and local public sector, technicians and managers of local administrations, researchers from the academic world and social agents.

The Workshop is schedule to take place in the Functions Hall of the Palau Macaya (Passeig de Sant Joan, 108,  08037 Barcelona) on 3 July 2014.


8.30 - 9.00 h

Registration of participants

9.00 - 09.30 h

opening session

Albert Soria, Deputy Director General of “la Caixa” Foundation

Frederic Udina, President, Catalan Institute for the Evaluation of Public Policies

Xavier Forcadell, General Coordinator, Barcelona Provincial Council

09.30 - 11.30 h

How is evaluation being promoted at a local level? Current experiences, main difficulties and immediate challenges

Moderator: Anna Tarrach, Ministry of Economy and Knowledge

Roundtable: Discussion of three questions with a limited response time related to four municipalities with different profiles


- Pilar Soldevila, Deputy Manager for Strategic Projects, de Barcelona City Council

- Llorenç Fernández, Head of the Planning and Evaluation Assistance at Sant Boi de Llobregat Town Councile

- Lídia Mallorquí, evaluator in the Evaluation Unit at Girona Town Council

- Àngels Soler, Head of Planningand Evaluation Assistance at the Area of Social Welfare at Terrassa Council


Presentation-Summary: What are the main challenges faced when evaluating policies at a local level?
Jordi Sanz
, Ivàlua Analyst


Question answer session open to attendees


11.30 - 12.00 h

Coffee - BREAK

12.00 - 14.00 h

What can town and city councils do to evaluate local policies? Some practical low-cost proposals?

Moderator: Marina Espinosa, Barcelona Provincial Council


Presentation: How can town and city councils incorporate scientific evidence into their decision making about local-level programmes?

David Gough, Director of the Evidence for Policy and Practice Information and Co-ordinating Centre - EPPI (UK)

Roundtable: Information systems: tools to improve acces to data from a local perspective


- Esther Pano, Coordinator of the Local Government Observatory of the Carles Pi i Sunyer Foundation dor Local and Autonomous Government Studies. My municipality in relation to others: The Local Government Observatory

- Ramon Dordal, Barcelona Provincial Council. Benchmarking: Municipal circles of comparison

- Federico Todeschini, Ivàlua Analyst. Administrative records to evaluate local policies: the Inserdata Platform.


Question answer session open to attendees.


14.00 - 14.15 h




Pau Claris, 108, 4t 1a 08009 Barcelona | T. +34 93 554 53 00 | info@ivalua.cat | www.ivalua.cat

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